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Our price: CAD 900.00 each Rectangular bathtub BART
Value: CAD 850.00 Our price: CAD 650.00 each Bali Vanity
Our price: CAD 275.00 each Bathroom vanity + washbasin
Our price: CAD 205.00 each Faucet 88VSF-QM16A9-CHRKA
Our price: CAD 139.00 each Faucet 88VSF-QM1609-CHRKA
Our price: CAD 190.00 each Faucet 88KSF-FM56NN-NIKKA
Our price: CAD 319.99 each One-piece toilet
Our price: CAD 319.99 each Double switch toilet
Our price: CAD 269.99 each Comfortable double switch toilet
Our price: CAD 799.99 each 42'' Ove vanity
Our price: CAD 899.99 each 60'' vanity Essex D
Our price: CAD 699.99 each 42'' Adam vanity
Our price: CAD 499.99 each 30'' black vanity with washbasin
Our price: CAD 999.99 each 60'' vanity model Georgia
Our price: CAD 429.00 each 31'' ove vanity ESSEX Model
Value: CAD 825.00 Our price: CAD 625.00 each Circular Shower OWS 612
Our price: CAD 3,200.00 each 36'' Viking gas cooktop
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Value: CAD 950.00 Our price: CAD 800.00 each 30'' white Frigidaire stove
Value: CAD 5,000.00 Our price: CAD 4,500.00 each 36''Viking gas stove made of stainless steel
Value: CAD 1,000.00 Our price: CAD 650.00 each 36'' Turbo Air island hood
Value: CAD 765.00 Our price: CAD 400.00 each Kit of bathroom vanity
Value: CAD 399.00 Our price: CAD 195.00 each LIQUIDATION! Bathroom vanity kits
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